Rokhan IHE Vision

Rokhan Institute of higher education professional and well qualified staff provides educational services to the community. It has kept engaged its competent and skillful staff, and students on research based activities so that to render their best educational services which may result in the devolvement and progress of the country.

• Training a committed, professional, entrepreneurial, creative and patriotic workforce
• Assessing the vulnerabilities of the country in order to assess the needs and drive research towards important issues based on the needs of the country.
• Institutionalizing research-oriented thinking and innovation in faculties, research centers, individuals and organizations using global opportunities to respond to the questions, needs and challenges of the country
• Hiring experienced lecturers with higher education degrees.
• The use of technology in teaching to improve and modernize teaching
• Continuous evaluation of the quality of teaching and eliminating the weaknesses of the teaching and research sector
• Launching targeted educational research and providing effective research, scientific and educational services to meet the needs of Afghanistan.
• Creating sources of income and wealth generation based on scientific and research projects
• Supervising the implementation of the curriculum prepared by the Ministry of Higher Education
• Establishment of research centers and laboratories for the purpose of developing education.