Rokhan IHE Objectives

This included that the Rokhan Institute of Higher Education in Afghanistan is an international standard institution in its Goal. It identified the objectives as follows:

  • 1. RIHE plans to expand its infrastructure in order to provide quality standardized spaces for upcoming departments.
  • 2. RIHE will make no stones unturned in obtaining full accreditation certificate from the higher education within two years on national level.
  • 3. RIHE will incorporate all those disciplines which are the dire need of current market across the country.
  • 4. RIHE is a research oriented institution and its management will spare no efforts in making it a top research institute on national as well as regional level.
  • 5. RIHE will remain committed and welcomes all kinds of innovations and creativity, recommended by its staff and other stakeholders.
  • 6. RIHE plans to establish and expand further its academic relation with different universities on national, regional, and international level in terms of signing MOUs and academic partnerships.
  • 7. RIHE management is wholeheartedly interested to digitalize all its system for the smooth and transparent operations within a short span of time.
  • 8. Through education and other academic activities, RIHE wants to get its staff, lecturers and students involved in the development and bright future of the country.
  • 9. RIHE prioritize to take all the necessary steps for the capacity building of its teaching staff, students and administrative personnel as well as provide job seeking opportunities upon the completion of students’ academic tenure.
  • 10. RIHE is taking serious steps for finding other income resources for further well organization of academic and other affairs.